addiction | Social Cause Installation

Addiction is a disease that alters the brain and a person's behavior on a subconscious level which is why the user is typically unaware of the enormity of their illness. The task was to create an expressive poster utilizing only typography. The concept behind this poster was to help the viewer visualize the impact of drugs on the user, showing the user's subconscious reprioritization of their drug choice over the most basic human needs for survival.



Addiction has become the number one cause of accidental death in the United States. Hitting suburb areas sometime harder than the more expected intercity districts. Having a campaign installation inside the Chicago Union Station reaches a wide range of the public that knowingly or unknowingly need to be confronted with the harsh reality of addiction. With addiction being the largest public health problem that goes unrecognized by those with the disease, reaching the loved ones of the drug users was thought to be the best approach. Besides the expressive poster being posted throughout the station, the escalator was chosen to help visually reinforce the idea of consumption.